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Bio coming soon.

Bio coming soon.


Since M. J. was a kid he was always involved in sports - football, baseball, track, and primarily basketball. Although never a big fan of the weight room or healthy foods in high school, that all changed when he turned 26. M. J. was in a stressful relationship; one night he walked out after an argument to take a drive and clear his head. After 20 minutes he found himself at his YMCA where he often played basketball. With no shoes or shorts on hand, he hit the weight room. He tried the bench press first, putting 45lbs on each side. After all, he thought, isn't that the weight everyone else does? He laid on the bench, grabbed the bar, unracked it, and the weight immediately came crashing down on him. An older man came over to help and told M. J. not to go so fast; start with a weight he could handle. M. J. put 25lbs on each side and was able to do a few reps with a lot of effort.



After hanging around the weight room for an hour M. J. headed home. When he got home - despite the arguing, yelling, and tension from earlier in the night - he got his best night's sleep in months. He felt pushed to a limit that he never experienced before. The rest is history: he fell in love with lifting and training and is constantly furthering his knowledge in the exercise field. Now his main goal is to pass on that knowledge to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Bodybuilding has taught him discipline, how to work hard, and how to stay committed. These aren't lessons that stay in the gym, they apply to all aspects of life. 


M. J.'s training style is not only to teach my clients how to kill it in the gym but to also take the same dedication, determination, patience and hard work and apply it to all aspects of life. If you want to work hard, be determined and get it. If you want to keep it, be patient and dedicated toward maintaining it.

Brandon started training in 2015 at Xperience Fitness and worked his way up to being the head Personal Training Manager. He was one of the top trainers at the Princeton Club in New Berlin, WI and received top trainer for getting the best results for his clients. One client lost 50 lbs in 6 months and 20% body fat. 

Currently, Brandon serves in the U.S. Army as a SGT in the infantry, going on his 7th year. He is also one level away from receiving the highest hand-to-hand combatant status in the Army.

His athletic background includes basketball from grades 4-12, semi-pro football, 6 years of MMA (mixed martial arts), power-lifting, and strongman competitions. 

His training experience is vast and includes everything from middle school to college level athletics, beginner's level weight training, weight loss, sports rehab, elderly clients (both healthy and coming off injuries), and much more!

We're glad to have Brandon on the Remnant team. Contact us if you'd like to set up an appointment with Brandon.

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