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Financial Guidance for Personal Trainers

If you're a personal trainers you might have asked yourself some of the following questions:

  1. "How do I figure out a good price for my training sessions and packages?" After all, we still want to make a profit while providing good prices for our clients and our services.

  2. "What do I need to deduct from my monthly gross income to make sure I'm making enough each month?" We all have expenses, but having them written out and deducted from our monthly gross income is a helpful practice.

  3. "What do I do when tax time comes around?!" This last one is a complex questions, but it can be made easier by keeping track of income, expenses (both recurring and non-recurring, contracts and clients, and business deductions, etc.

At Remnant we've created a small guide to help you answer these questions and get more organized.

The financial guide takes the user month-by-month and allows them to customize their client names, contract names, price points, etc. By filling in your current clients, pricing, and expenses you'll be able to see what your net income is each month and your yearly totals. You may be surprised that you're not taking home as much as you'd like after taxes and other expenses. This financial guide can help you adjust that.

Below you'll see a short video explaining how the financial guide can help personal trainers with these questions and more. We hope you enjoy the product and that it helps you toward success in your own business endeavors.

You can purchase the financial guide here:

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